London Venture Factory is an early stage deep tech & science investment syndicate.

We invest in European-based early stage ventures that have developed deep software technology or products/services based on science R&D, are innovating large fundamental sectors, have established teams ready to scale and/or have identified near-term hires, have demonstrated profitable and scalable unit economics, and have validated market demand.

We deploy c.£1 million from LVF principals and syndicate into 2 – 3 deals per year. Deals are typically structured through a SPV. If you are an investor and wish to find out more, please get in touch via our Contact page.


Investment focus

Themes (indicative)

  • Enterprise software (foundation, big data, analytics, ML/DNNs)
  • Healthcare technologies (biotech, med tech, science-based wellness)
  • Clean tech (decarbonisation, recycling tech, electrification, energy storage, energy efficiency)
  • Frontier technologies (biomimicry, advanced nano materials, quantum computing)

Technologies (a non exhaustive list)

  • Artificial intelligence (ML/DNNs) and big data
  • Software foundation (knowledge base, OS)
  • Robotics and RPM
  • Biotechnology
  • Advanced materials, chips, and electronics
  • Electro-chemical / electro-mechanical innovation (usually in energy space)

Sector applications (indicative)

  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Financial, legal, and regulatory
  • Industrials & manufacturing (Industry 4.0)
  • Mobility
  • Other fundamental sectors (Energy, Construction, Agriculture and water treatment)


Investment criteria

  • Deep technology, IP, or business defensibility that creates significant barriers to entry
  • Team with deep subject matter expertise, drive, perseverance, and with a demonstrated ability to attract and empower talent (established and ready to scale and/or identified near-term hires)
  • Launched product or service (at least in its early iterations)
  • Evidence of market demand from a sophisticated B2B clientele (pilots with paid customers, early revenues, or customer engagement)
  • Profitable and scalable unit economics
  • Clear and achievable 18-month plan with milestones and cash requirement
  • Institutional funding (preferred, usually as part of current round) 
  • UK based (preferred) or Europe, with global ambitions
  • EIS qualified (preferred)


Our value-add

  • Capital. We invest angel funds and syndicate with our broader network. LVF syndicates range between £100,000 and £1,000,000. We provide follow-on capital
  • Commercial expertise. We support our investments with strategy, growth, and financial expertise. We accept board or advisory positions if we can add value to the team
  • Network. We provide a bridge between Europe, USA, and Asia. Our network includes experts, angel groups, and early stage VCs. We are connected with the Chicago Booth School of Business and facilitate connections to the Mid-West US venture ecosystem